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 Today I saw what a karate black belt can do.  Gega and I went to his karate class. At the entrance there were about 15 young men who we never saw before and who, I figured, were waiting for someone or something karate-related.  In the locker room I helped Gega undress and put his kimono on and he entered the dojo where his sensei was about to start the class.  Few of his classmates were already in there. 

All of a sudden about 8 to 12 young men came in the dojo and started fighting the sensei.  It was very fast, very ruthless and almost silent.  The sensei, in his early twenties, was very aggressive and, at the end, very, very happy.  First, when he saw what was coming, he yelled "Children! children!" and I figured he did not want to fight in front of or near his pupils of ages 6-10.  But when it became clear that no one is going to stop the fight,  he showed all his might. 

It was beautiful, bloody and destructive.  Few chairs and wall pictures were broken. The sensei got bruises all over his body and bloody face. I worried Gega would be scared but he wasn't. I comforted two kids who were crying and took them into the locker.  After it all ended, sheer grin on sensei's face showed he was happy and high on adrenaline. 

Fellow sensei came in few minutes later and offered to substitute the today's class but all parents declined in solidarity to our fighter sensei.  Gega was overwhelmed with the experience and later asked a thousand questions that I could not imagine to answer completely.

Black belts can kick butt.
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